Tips for Calming Your Anxiety (Part One)

As I write this addition, my anxiety has been more noticeable than usual for the past several days. Probably one of the reasons why I haven’t written anything in about a week. (Sorry). Usually my anxiety hangs out in the background of my life. It’s always there, but its not interfering with my day too much. Somedays, I actually hardly remember I have an anxiety problem in the first place. Then I have days like now. They actually usually come several at a time. Everything is harder than it usually is. Small talk with my family is more labored, breathing is harder, keeping my mind on a single train of thought is near impossible, and I start to become extremely unhappy with myself. Not too considerate to not cut myself some slack considering I have a diagnosed anxiety problem, right? Well, I’d imagine that since you are reading this you also have some variety of anxiety disorder, and I’d also imagine you know exactly what I’m talking about so I don’t have to go into too much detail over that. It’s not fair, or right of us to start getting upset with ourselves over something we can’t control, but that’s usually the problem. It is for me anyways. I’ve shared before that I classify myself as a real Type A personality. Not having control of something is kind of my worst nightmare. And not having control over my own mind is particularly annoying disappointing frustrating. So, I am already in a state of heightened anxiety, and I start to get mad at myself for it, which in turn makes my anxiety a little worse. Like I said, not very self-loving cycle, is it?

Well, I’m pretty fed up with it today. So I’m going to share some of my favorite go-to activities that almost always lessen my anxiety. (Then I’m going to go DO them). I hope you get something out of this. Anything is worth trying at least once. So give it a shot and give me some feed back.

Tips for Calming Your Anxiety (Part One)

  • Take a Hot Shower.  Even if it’s not “hair washing day” (the relief is worth it), sit down at the bottom of your shower, and let the hot water pour over you entire body. Sit there for as long as you need, not doing anything. You can have some music on if you want, but I prefer silence.
  • Make a Cup of Tea. I’m a “southern belle”, but hot tea is the way to go if you’re having a stressful day. My absolute favorite blend to unwind with is Lavender Dreams by Teavana.
  • Rub Lotion in All Over. Pick a soothing scent and strip down and cover your body in lotion. This is a weird one, but it helps me calm down. I think in general the moisturizing feeling mixed with anything that smells good is pleasing to me. My favorite lotion for this is The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory.
  • Burn a Nice Candle. Again with the good smells. Maybe a pattern for me? Or maybe good smells are just universally awesome. And candles themselves create a nice atmosphere.
  • Listen to a Talk Down or Guided Meditation. Ever heard of a man named Jason Stephenson? He’s my fav when my anxiety is running rampant. He specifically makes calming music and meditations for a living (which is pretty cool, plus he’s great at it). It might seem a little strange at first, but give it a try and play along! If nothing else on my list is working for me on a particular day, this one never fails. He even makes this specific video for anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Get a Good Night Sleep. But what if my anxiety is keeping me up at night? I have an answer for that too, love. Another amazing gift from Jason Stephenson. He has several guided meditations for sleep, but this one is my absolute favorite. I pass out in 10 minutes tops regardless of how anxious I’ve been lately. And having a good night sleep with relentless anxiety, or even ptsd or depression, is divine.

Alright loves, Try this out and please as always, feedback is welcomed and even encouraged.


Hugs and Positive Vibes,

Miss lessanxiouslife


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