Tips for Calming Your Anxiety (Part Two)

Here is Part Two of my new series, Tips for Calming Your Anxiety. Before you start in on this post, you can check out the first one here if you missed it!

In Part One, I shared that my reason for beginning this new series was because I found myself stuck in this prolonged anxious sate that was driving me insane. I can thankfully share that it has since passed now and I’m back to feeling like my typical self. (Still anxious, but I’m at my own ‘normal’ level again). However, I know that just because I’m feeling okay for the time being doesn’t mean that others out there aren’t having these awful anxious spells and who knows when I myself will have another one again. (Plus not feeling like ‘You’ sucks, doesn’t it?)

Well since I’m full of tricks, I’m going to share some more of my favorite tips for calming anxiety. I think the focus on this installment will be about how to keep anxiety at bay longer between the heightened spells. (Whereas Part One’s focus was how to quickly calm anxiety during its peaks). Both are really important concepts here while we all figure out how to better handle our anxiety and to better care for ourselves mentally.

So, with this short introduction out of the way, here are more of my favorite ways to keep my anxiety at bay: (Seriously, that rhyme wasn’t intentional… but now that I’ve noticed it is there it is definitely staying for the final draft).

Tips for Calming Your Anxiety (Part Two)

  • Engage Your Mind. Whatever that means for you; challenge yourself mentally. You can read a novel or try coloring in an adult coloring book. The coloring books are really trendy right now. They are becoming so popular because they are being described as “stress relieving”. I myself have a cat-themed one from Amazon that I couldn’t find any more but I found this awesome one that has tons of intricate animal designs. The coloring books are a nice relaxing way to use your time productively that otherwise could be wasted on something mindless like idling on your phone or watching TV.
  • Strike A Pose. Child’s Pose to be exact. This is a very basic yoga pose that complete yoga virgins are capable of doing. Personally, even after learning some much more challenging poses, this one remains my favorite because of how relaxing it is. The yogi at my studio explained that when your forehead makes contact with something firm (usually your mat during a yoga class) it releases chemical signals in your brain to start relaxing your body. Which makes a lot of sense if you consider that about the only time your head isn’t elevated is when you are going to sleep (thus the only time your head makes contact with a firm object). Lie in child’s pose for at least 10 minutes or until you start to feel more relaxed when feeling particularly anxious. Not sure how to get into Child’s Pose? Here you go!
  • Essential Oils. There is plenty of controversy about the effectiveness of essential oils, which I’m not here to argue about. However, from my own personal experience, they can be a powerful tool for calming stress and anxiety. Right now I am using this 100% pure Lavender oil for my anxiety. I will add a few drops into my bath water for a nice aromatheraputic effect, or (and this is life changing so take note) I will add several drops to my pillow once a week so throughout the night I am surrounded by the soothing smell of lavender. Make sure you don’t put too much, so it isn’t distracting. But having a wonderful smell softly in the background of the atmosphere while you are falling asleep is amazing. And if you toss and turn in the middle of the night more scent is released! I also found this article that discusses some other commonly used essential oils for stress if lavender isn’t your thing.
  • Hug Someone (or something) You Love. Compressions also help release stress by sending chemical signals throughout the body to relax. Yes, there are other yoga poses that are specifically designed to do this, but you will get even better benefits from hugging it out with someone you love, or maybe by loving on a dog or kitty cat of yours. We tend to like to isolate ourselves when feeling anxious, which is honestly quite counterintuitive, but we are all guilty of it. Spending time with a loved one is a great way to make sure you are not isolating yourself when your anxiety is bothering you and irrational thoughts that run through your mind are harder to ignore.

Alright loves, that is it for now. Try this out and send me your thoughts and what worked/didn’t work for you!!

Hugs and Positive Vibes,

Miss lessanxiouslife



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