The Mighty

Mental illness probably never crosses a healthy person’s mind on a regular basis. Unless someone they personally know struggles with some form of it, they may never think about it at all. By not being aware of these problems, mentally healthy people also usually lack sensitivity towards the subject.

Recently, there was a day that I believe was called something along the lines of “Mental Health Awareness Day”. Which is awesome, I didn’t even know there was such a day of the year but it kind of make me feel good to log onto my social media accounts and see both the affected and unaffected people post about mental health awareness. That day is when I discovered this page called The Mighty which is about literally nothing but mental health awareness and a support group for affected peoples. There was this video about what High Functioning Anxiety looks like to those who don’t know what they are looking at. It talked about how it can be masked as preparedness or organization. Then it said when it gets out of hand it can be seen in nervous habits like nail biting, ect. It made me feel so GOOD that there were people out there who actually GOT it. They totally know what it is like to struggle with generalized anxiety day to day.

So, I super encourage everyone to go check that page out. Especially unaffected people would benefit from checking it out because I guarentee you, you know someone that is battling mental illness even if you are unaware of it.

Also, it is not just for anxiety, but that is obviously what speaks to me the most so that is the perspective I am sharing.

I am keeping this short and sweet tonight but I really hope someone can benefit from me sharing this site.

Hugs Always,

Miss lessanxiouslife 


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