Poll: Psychiatric Therapy

Hello those who are members of the mental health community,

For those affected with any type of anxiety disorder, have you ever sought out talk therapy or any other kind of psychiatric therapy and did it benefit you at all? What were your take aways from the experience?

I am considereing finding a therapist with a focus on anxiety disorders but it is pretty frightening to me to talk to a stranger about things I don’t even involve my family with.

Any feedback in the comments section is much appreciated, by myself and any other members of this community who might benefit from your thoughts.


Hugs and positive vibes,

Miss lessanxiouslife



2 thoughts on “Poll: Psychiatric Therapy

  1. Yes, it’s the best thing I have ever done. My counselor was a therapist and Psychologist and my take away was way too much for me too say in this comment. I have based my last two posts on a tiny bit of what I have learned. Everyone is so different so take away will be different. If you live anywhere near Phoenix Az I can give you her phone number. I’m much more free now to live life to it’s fullest and it’s amazing. I would recommend it to everyone.


  2. I saw a therapist for about 4 months but stopped as she was a massive cow. It’s really put me off therapy but I am pretty sure if you find someone professional who you get on with it can be really beneficial Xx


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